Stirling 12

Stirling 12 - photo Steve Schueler

Stirling 12 was decommissioned in late 2010 due to mechanical problems.  It’s replacement was Stirling 24P, and Stirling 12 has been sent to government auction.

Pronounced Stirling one-two, this truck was an all purpose pumping appliance, which responded to all emergencies that Stirling CFS attendended.

12 was a two wheel drive Ford trader which carried 1000 litres of water, hoses of different diameters and branches (nozzles), as well as lighting, a chainsaw and breathing apparatus.

In the later years, after the refurbishment of Stirling Pumper into a rescue appliance, Stirling 12 also carried the brigade’s Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) equipment, including chemical splash suits, chemical tests kits, and other equipment used for responding to, and neutralising a Hazardous materials incident.