Stirling Pumper

Stirling Pumper

Stirling Pumper near side in 2011

Stirling Pumper (STRL PUMP R) is the brigade’s primary structural and road crash response vehicle.

The appliance is equipped to allow fire fighters to deal with the urban based incidents like domestic and commercial structure fires, vehicle fires, vehicle accidents and other rescue situations. It can also provide a rural backup given the urban/rural interface in our response area.

Stirling Pumper is a Pump/Rescue (dual cab Isuzu FVD 950HD auto), it carries 2,000 litres of water with a Darley 2 stage pump (4 x in/out Storz), max delivery of 4,000 lpm supplying 64 mm outlets (800 kPa) and 2 x 90 m HP hose lines (2700 kPa).

The equipment carried on pumper includes:

  • Breathing Apparatus (4 sets and 4 spare cylinders)
  • High Pressure hose lines (2 x 90 m hose reels on each side)
  • 64 mm layflat
  • 38 mm layflat
  • 25 mm layflat hose
  • Standpipe and key
  • Suction hose (both 64mm and 100mm)
  • A & B class Foam (A: BFF; B: Solberg RF3x6 foam)
  • Extinguishers (Dry Powder and CO2)
  • First Aid kit, Defib and O2

    Stirling Pumper

    Stirling Pumper (Pump/Rescue)

  • GRN and VHF Radios
  • Rescue Rope
  • Safety vests
  • Traffic Cones
  • Salvage Sheets
  • Halligan tool
  • Ceiling pike
  • Sokerol (absorbent for oil/fuel spills)
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation fan (electric BH20)
  • Blower (hand held petrol)
  • Lighting (battery LED 9490)
  • Gas detector (Micro5 PID)
  • Thermal Imaging Camera

The rescue equipment carried includes:

  • Lukas P 620 G Hydraulic Pump
  • Lukas S 510 Hydraulic Cutters
  • Lukas SP 310 Hydraulic Spreaders (Jaws of life)
  • 2 x Lukas R420 Rams (short)
  • 1 x Lukas R424 Ram (long)
  • Reciprocating saw (Milwaukee 28V Sawzall)
  • Stabilisation equipment
    • Wood blocks / Wedges / Cribbing / Wheel chocks
    • StabFast system
    • FARA Side Stabilisation
  • 3 x Hurst High Pressure Airbags
  • Assorted hand and air driven tools
  • Chainsaw
  • Disc Cutter (Stihl TS 400)
  • Winch (Warn M12000 [5,400 kg] bulbar-mounted)
  • Assorted spinal boards
  • Stokes litter