How you can join:

If you are over the age of 16, live in or around Stirling and are interested in becoming a CFS volunteer, you can get in touch with us as follows:

Phone: 8370 9521, (best time to call is Mondays 7-10pm)
In person: Stirling Fire Station, 9 Avenue Rd, Stirling, any Monday night from 7.30pm


Types of members, and what they do:

Chain of command within the brigade
PositIon   Role
Captain Officer in charge of the brigade, both administratively and operationally.
Lieutenant  1 – 4 4 x LTs support the captain managing the brigade. They will often act as incident commander and the most senior will manage the brigade in the captain’s absence.
Senior Fire Fighter  1 -4 4 x SFFs support the Captain and LTs managing the brigade. They will also often act as incident commander and the most senior will manage the brigade in the absence of the captain and LTs.
Fire Fighter 20 The front line fire fighting or rescue crew who perform the skilled work of a fire service. From structure fires, road crash rescue, bush fires, hazmat incidents to the occasional cat in tree rescue.
Brigade OPerational Support (Auxiliary) Support the brigade behind the scenes through catering, operating radios, managing equipment repairs and servicing etc. Some are older experienced fire fighters who do respond on occasions to mentor newer members.
Cadet 0 Stirling has no active Cadet unit – see Aldgate brigade.