Fire Station


Stirling fire station is located centrally in Stirling.

The engine bay houses 4 fire appliances – STRL 24, STRL PUMP, STRL 24P and STRL BW7.

A number of other rooms are used for training, meetings, breathing apparatus recommissioning area, communications and kitchen, toilets and shower area.


The engine bay

The engine bay houses 4 appliances and all are connected to battery chargers.

Historically the engine bay has fitted 5 appliances with ease, but the latest generation of appliances are higher, so they present some difficulties (height-wise).

The Stirling Brigade has been trying to get the engine bay size increased, as part of an upcoming renovation project.



Fire-fighter’s personal protective equipment is stored along the souther and western walls of the engine bay.  Although they are called “lockers” most firefighters just have a few hooks on the wall for their clothing and a shelf for the helmet.

Each member is issued with a structural helmet, gloves, boots, goggles and Nomex rural fire fighting protective clothing. BA operators a also issued with PBI Gold Structural fire fighting PPC and a flash hood.


Training room

The training room is equipped with a ceiling mounted data projector, television, and whiteboard.

It has a flexible seating arrangement for training or meetings.




CABA room

After fire-fighters use compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) the sets must be cleaned an re-commissioned. This room is built to assist with this, containing bench space, 3 sinks and other facilities for cleaning, testing and repairing our CABA sets.


Meeting/Crew room

The meeting, or crew room is a place for socialising as well as sitting for formal meetings (e.g. operations and committees). Here there are a number of whiteboards which details upcoming events or training opportunities, as well as a pool table for winding down after those long incidents, or training sessions!

Comms room

The communications room is equipped with radios computer and fax machine.  The comms room provides a centre for communications during incidents and training.

The bottle shed

The south Australian government provides financial incentives for recycling glass, plastics and paper milk cartons. The Stirling CFS has a recycling shed where members of the public and bring their recyclables, and the Stirling CFS gets the funds raised. With the introduction of kerb-side recycling in the Adelaide hills council, work at the recycling shed slowed down, however the amount raised is still substantial.

Members of the public can drop their bottles at our recycling shed at any time, and the brigade appreciates the effort community members to go to bring along their bottles, rather than using the council recycling bins.

The Stirling brigade also offers a service to pick up bottles from local cafes and restaurants where there are large volumes of recyclables.